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news. they even got a big contract. to help bring out gold in latin america. a winner, not a loser. i don't want you selling any of that. now, mohammed ali. time to file away the past as the immortal spice girls said. i'm kind of like -- which spice am i like most? moron spice. the market's throwing a sale. you should be shopping for sales. not run away from them. "mad money" will be right back. >>> coming up, catching fire? as the detroit auto show kicks into high gear, people are asking what will fuel the cars of the future? cramer goes one on one with clean energy fuel ceo to find out on the executive decision. >>> plus, job start. not all auto suppliers are created equal. cramer takes three for a test drive and pits their fundamentals against the technicals to pick a winner. on an all new "off the charts." >> later, stay tuned as we crank up the volume. cramer goes all out as the calls keep coming in. try to keep up on a high impact "lightning round." all coming up on "mad money." what are you doing...? calling chase sapphire, seeing if we have enough points to stay longer. now? y
today in wells fargo and bank of america, unlike stocks here, lady gaga plays with an open hand, not a poker space, makes me suspicious of the bear argument, real estate and credit, right? how often do we check in and hear how horrible those are? and it's true. wells fargo has a tremendous amount of the variable rate mortgages at the heart of the shadow inventory numbers. wells fargo is concentrated in california, the worst market. defaults during the period that it underwrote most of the paper, bank of america, a slew of this bad paper. so here's the issue as i see it. this is what's key for you. if the stories of shadow inventory from foreclosures are 100% right, if the default stories are 100% right, then there's simply no reason, right, no reason these stocks are going higher. none. the stocks should be going down every day, they should be lower, much lower. i don't care how much capital they have to raise. it's just not logical if the horror stories are right. so then i kochl back to this logic, spok. how long is the market? i know for short periods, the market can be dead
that the service industry grew less than forecast. [ baby crying ] that's america's most important industry, for heaven's sake. we got data from the employment service showing jobs still aren't coming back. no doubt a prelude to the all-important, hey, i be the cliche king, employment report. it could truly stink up the joint. the fed in its cryptic minutes -- >> they know nothing! >> said the economy in 2010 will be subdued. a total bummer from uncle ben. i want to witch to minute rice. google smartphone. doesn't seem so smart after all. dummkopf phone. like a rotten granny smith. these are the two important stocks out there. and could sink a bull battleship when they go negative. looked like we would get mauled this morning. i sensed it. the bear was back. the market -- instead, i thought i see a slaughterhouse coming. if not slaughterhouse, maybe "slaughterhouse five." not this time. we're way overbought meaning there's been way too much buying, not enough selling, driving stocks up too far too fast. i consider it a greed indicator. i monitored this one like a hawk. and the markets overb
. they are. s and what's interesting is american company were populated by people not all born in america. certainly the immigration policy in this country needs to be more enlightened in the time to come. >> very good point. now, quloun lo when you look ats are you sometimes surprised -- the actual volume of stocks of trading is not as strong as you would think given the fact that there are probably more opportunities and more issues coming? what's with the american people? do they not understand how ferrets come to trade stocks in america? >> certainly fair to trade stocks in america. the volumes are at a strong level but we expect them to increase in 2010. 2008 was a shock to the system about in 2009, people coming out of the shock. we saw increased strength as the year waxed on. we think the trend line willen in 2010. >> one thing i hear constantly is that wall street doesn't give main street a shake. you and i have been around for a long time. has it ever been more fair to trade nasdaq stocks than it is right now? >> no, it has not. understand our market is transparent, it's visible,
. >> there is a bull market somewhere. >> you can't afford to miss it. > hey, i'm cramer. welcome to cramer america. a lot of people want to make friends. trying to save you some of money. my job, to entertain. call me. never get complaisant. always challenge your thesis whether it's positive or negative. look for evidence that could improve your perspective. that's what i always do because you know i'm not always positive on this stock market right now. not at all. with the averages, dow down 53 points, s&p 500 up nearly 1%. and most important, the nasdaq -- fire in the hole -- down 32 points. hey, all that bears me out, doesn't it? the pun's intended. right now my view is things are going wrong and they're going wrong bad. why? because stocks have to pass through the seal of the president of your 401(k) and the grip of a chinese government. mandated slow down. that means everything from apple to amazon, from bank of america to caterpillar must go through a gauntlet and this gauntlet is worse than that of clint eastwood. in the classic film of the same name. what happens if one of those loses its
into international investment. >> i don't like america's team. >> caller: at least in part because the business climate is better in those countries than it is in the united states. >> right. >> caller: but my question is, if other countries are so much more attractive and business friendly than the united states currently, should we have even greater 20% --? >> i waffle over this. 20% is foreign. 10% is gold. that leaves 70% for united states. i am not giving up on this country. we have a lot of great values. remember, many of the s&p stocks and most of the dow stocks are international companies. they will take advantage of exactly what you're talking about. 20% overseas is very high. probably the highest of any money manager i know. that's how far i'm going and not a percent further. i need to go to mitch in south carolina, which i call carolina. mitch? >> caller: hi, jim. got a big-time boo-yah from charleston, south carolina. >> man, you've got that charleston university boo-yah. everyone's crazy about that school. go ahead. >> caller: -- around $40 a share just before the recent push. curr
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to amazon, from bank of america to caterpillar must go through a gauntlet and this gauntlet is worse than that of clint eastwood. what happens if one of those loses its ability to crush us? remember, if you challenge your thesis, the stock that is passing through the strait has gone down enough to be considered a comeback name. it's a blood letting to turn bush. and that's precisely what we'll be looking for, evidence in next week's game plan. i think it's possible that the stocks and health care stocks could soon reach the point where obama can't hurt them anymore. the financial space is going to go higher because perhaps we've reached the peak of populous political antibanking certainty where we no longer worry about mankind being crucified on the cross. there's only so low you can demagogue this. as for health care, even though barack obama didn't back down, it's not obama that matters. it's congress. and in congress he simply doesn't have the votes. so there's two areas where the stock sailors may be able to escape sill l lalaa. ah, but the karibdas, that is a different story. that is
. these are american companies. >> they are. these american companies were populated by people not all born in america. >> now, when you look at this, are you sometimes surprised -- the actual volume of stocks of trading is not as strong as you would think given the fact that there are probably more opportunities or more issues coming. >> certainly fair to trade stocks in america. the volumes are -- in a strong level, we expect them to increase in 2010. in 2009, people coming out of the shock. we saw increased strength as the year waxed on. . >> one thing i hear constantly is that wall street doesn't give main street a shake. you and i have been around for a long time. as it ever been more fair to trade nasdaq stocks than it is right now? >> no, it has not. understand our market is transparent, it's visible, it's actionable. so clearly, these markets perform well. through the credit crisis of 2008, our issue is the vast amount of transactions we're handling. >> we' been recommending endlessly, am an google. these are stocks that are expensive. there's a time you had a $600 stock and it would be $600 t
homeowners in the country, not home builders, homeowners. stockholm owners, bank of america and wells fargo because they have all of that reliability from the foreclosures. it will be a fed day. the fed unveils a thing you may not have heard of and not have a clue of what it means, the beige book. that's the color of the book. people underrate the reports that the fed puts out. i scrutinize every single one and go to all of the website of the regional banks. why? they represent the single, best, and most unbias analysis of how the country is doing. many times have i come in here and said something is bias or wrong or too negative. the reason i turned bullish about the industrials as the negativity began to vanish from the pages in the fed beige book starting in the summer. the reports got bullish. so i got bullish. i'll interpret the report ifs you on thursday's show. you won't get a jump on me. thursday and friday these days aren't going to define the following weeks for market performance. the weeks after, okay, we don't have the telestrator. and that's because intel repo s reports -- le
america to start the show. what's up? >> caller: hey, i'm confused, jim. the end of december you listed amd as a buy. and i put a lot of weight on your buy recommendation, and after doing additional research, i ended up buying the stock this last wednesday. then last night just three weeks after you listed it as a buy, you changed your mind and said you listed it as a sell. what gives? >> okay. i recommended it two, four, six, eight, it went to nine and change, i still liked it at nine, i got the great quarter, stock didn't go up much, i said i'm not going to give back the gain i got back from two, and four and six and eight and my goal is to try to make the maximum number of people money as best as i can. and that's why i had to say sell. because i felt that was the last good quarter. i was not impressed with that quarter. they should have done a better job, not me. arthur in new york. arthur? oh, i'm in one of those moments where i'm so glad that the show is, you know, able to -- no, i'm out here, i'm going. how about arthur in new york? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> and who do we have
are producers. they're not trying to scare them off like we sometimes do in america. they want us in their countries, they want that economic development. it's friendly to the united states. so it's a good place for us to be finding oil for our country. >> wait a second -- i've got to go back. you said something that i think a lot of american people don't understand. you used a phrase which said basically sometimes it's scarier to drill in america than in ghana. what is wrong with our country that that's happened? >> well, i think we've gotten complacent. the chinese get it, the indians get it. they understand the natural resources are a very important part of the health and welfare of any country. and the less we focus on that, the more at risk we are. you and i have resources in the united states that can be developed environmentally soundly, and we continue to put them more and more off limits. we take one side of our mouth, yet we don't fully develop the resources we have, particularly in natural gas, which is a clean fuel that can substitute for oil and transportation. >> loo
. and not productive enough. in fact, it's worse. companies based in america have realized that it pays to fire, not hire. fire, not fihire. don't believe me? look at u.p.s., which i learned from my charitable trust. the stom jumped 2.5 cents today after being up since last friday. why a second-day rally? i think you have a second-day rally because it shows the company has religious. it announced it's firing 1,800 people de -- right on top of the better-than-expected earnings. the stock market loves this stuff! hey, they fire another 1,000 americans next quarter and the darn thing will jump higher again. i li i, like everyone else, want people to be hired in this country. i want jobs created, even if the government has to do it. but you must understand there is almost no correlation between employment in the united states and the earnings of the big companies that are about to report. in fact, i regard it as an inverse correlation. the more they fire here, the more money they make. and the hirer their stock goes. given that business is so bad in this country and better almost everywhere else, i
, this is the real travesty. until last week america thought bernanke was one of the good guys. helping them to make mortgages and small business loans affordable by keeping interest rates low. bernanke had nothing to do with aig and the recklessness of the outfit. he did nothing to create an atmosphere where freddie mac and fannie mae -- we have to compare about this travesty on "mad money." it reminds us how important it is to return to our active investing themes for the beginning of the year. themes that will keep us out of the threats to bring down our financial system. let's go over it with an i-tour of what you should be doing in the new treacherous environment. first we said you should have a big slug of your assets overseas in foreign stocks. we said as much as 20%. right here, right now after the debacle that was last week with the president and bernanke, we're changing that to 25%. that's right, i'm upping my allocation to 25% overseas. because when a country's politicians turn on the most respected central banker in the world, you know our nation is going to be a less safe place to inves
of our invest in america series, you know what he said? >> we are really fighting for the soul of american manufacturing. >> fighting. he'd be winning. how about boeing which is on the right course. before going to ford. it truly made him industrial america's guardian angel, as far as i'm concerned. what makes boeing so important? all right. like ford, boeing is the best manufacturer in its class. it's a dominant player in its industry. and it's got orders up the wazzu. continental up a couple of bucks about when you see that,ç thin get me some boeing. ford and boeing have enough business to recall workers, place orders, make for a stronger economy in their own right. people don't want to relate these two. that's what i do for my business. these two can move the economic needle for the whole country with their own strength. that's right, autos and aerospace. after consumer spending aerospace orders are the biggest drivers of the economy, not housing. as you see they're both in great shapes. as for consumer spending, while we're at it, let's call out the frauds, the naves? why
as their wealth. one redefined an industry, the other, the modern investor. but both put their stock in america, and by investing in business and humanity, reaped the rewards of this great country's capitalist tradition. [ music ] today, that tradition is under siege, our way of life questioned. and with america at an inflection point, a future generation looks for guidance from the world's two greatest capitalists. now, they are going back to school, not to learn, but to teach... showing the next generation of business leaders that wealth is not about the money you amass, but the number of lives you enrich. tonight, in a cnbc town hall event, warren buffett and bill gates share their secrets to keeping america great. welcome to a very special cnbc town hall. i am becky quick and we are at "columbia business school" at "columbia university." let's hear it, guys. we are in the heart of new york city. this is the world's center of capitalism and this is the place where dreams really do come true. in fact, right now, look at all these people here today. we could be surrounded-- we could be surroun
builder, homeowner, stockholm other than, bank of america and wells fargo because they have all that inventory from foreclosures. wednesday won't be a stock day at all. it will be a fed day because the fed unveils the continuing that you probably heard of and not had a clue what it means. it's called the beige book. that's the color of the book. people constantly underrate the reports that the fed puts out. i scrutinize every single one and go to all of the websites of the regional guys. why do i to that? because they represent the single best and most unbiased boots on the ground analysis of how areas in the country are doing. oum times do i tell you something was biased or wrong or too negative. that's not the case with the beige book. the reason i turned bullish about the industrials as the negativity began to vanish from the pages in the fed beige book, starting in the summer. their reports got bullish so i got reports. you can get a jump on me if you look them up when they come out in the afternoon. thursday and friday, they will define the week after. and that's because in
of the bigger banks to break up. think wells fargo and bank of america. almost none of which created the crisis we just got through. crummy mortgage lending, and crummy ensuring by the likes of fannie mae, freddie mac, bear stearns, and aig caused this crisis, not internal hedge funds and banking concentration, for heaven's sake. there's another less punitive way to ensure we don't have banks that are too big to fail. the intelligent genesis of this misguided proposal. the way that barney frank, the most powerful legislator in the land told erin burnett and me on "street signs." frank, a real smart guy, wants more transparency. he wants the banks to reveal what the heck they're doing and what they're trading and he wants greater regulatory oversight so there's no fire sale of assets and the prudent aren't punished while the prudent thrived. common sense. not political, just savvy. barney frank has got horse sense. because there's checks and balances, it must be that the president's plan is going to be stillborn, right? that it will die in the house of representatives at the hands of a more soph
. all right?ç wednesday is bank of america. bank of america, countrywide. morgan stanley and wells fargo. okay. i want to keep you in front. that will be an incredible day when no one will get anything done. thursday is goldman slacks really under fire lately. capital one, probably where you got your credit card and american express probably where i got my credit card. friday we have cramer five huntington bank corp, hban. i like to be able to tell you that you will be positively surprised by this litany, that these numbers will be dynamite, like acme dynamite. you know what? washington's in no mood for great earnings from these clowns so there is no incentives for these banks to blow out the numbers. they won't want to tell a good story. all that will do is make higher taxes for them. would you tell a good story and then get taxed? no. tell a bad story and avoid the tax. these companies know what's god f good for them. i suspect we'll see a subdued group and subdued reaction. bankers don't favor being drawn in quarters. they don't seem to like being dangled from meat hooks. i don'
for cisco in north america. my charitable trust owns share in cisco. it's been a winner. so what do we think of avenue net? the company is expecting annual growth in the market and sells over the next three years. the quarter is good. things are positive in the future of tech. what's the selling off for. is there something i'm missing. let's hear from avnet ceo roy vallee. >> good to be here. >> i feel like you ought to sell tech in february. that does not seem right this time, does it. >> it doesn't to me. >> why are things so strong in a world where all we ever hear about is how bad the economy is, that you can come on the show and forecast growth when everyone else is saying they don't see any? >> i think there's two things going on, jim. in the i.t. space we play in, there's been a pent-up demand in 2009 as companies were reluctant to let go of their cash. as we get into the back half of '09 that pent-up demand was met by increased liquidity in the capital markets and they're now spending in an increase in capital expenditures. >> your company always had a good handle in the after-market
goldman, bank of america, wells fargo, huntington bank shares rallied. and it underperformed the group. down 18% for the year. when we spoke to hermas on october the 1st, stocks up 50 cents since. so far from the look of stock prices, 2010 looks a lot like 2009 with the banks generating the biggest losses and slash dividends generating the biggest dividends and the ones with the steadiest even raised them since becoming public as hudson city has done not doing any at all. will that be the case for all this new year? to learn more about the quarter, look ahead to the future of banking 2010, let's hear from the fabulous ceo of hudson city, mr. rod hermance. >> good to see you. so everybody is talking about warren buffett this morning. talking about putting a big tax on the largest banks. says that you don't do your part, that your making too much money. i don't know, is that fair to you? >> no. the president asked us to take responsibility for our actions, jim. since 2007 -- in 2007 we finished the year at $44 billion. since then we've made $17.2 billion in new mortgage loans, puts us ov
administration not doing too much to create jobs in america. something has become more important now that the chinese are slowing down their overheated economy. so what's the future for the steel industry? is there one? why are earnings anemic despite the crisis, and can dan damico give us behind the scenes input on why the anti, populist. the ceo of nucor. welcome back to "mad money." thank you, jim. my pleasure to be here. >> some of the things you and i communicate on is people on the far left, bobby from "the new york times" excellent columnist. some might jim, they're middle of the road and then there's you an industrialist, a steel industrialist ceo. i don't think if my career i've ever seen these kinds of meetings of the minds on jobs. can you explain to me yet left, i'm not calling you right because you're a center figure, but why all -- all people in this spectrum agree that it's jobs, but that doesn't seem to be the focus of the president of the united states? well, i think the focus is rapidly moving to where it should have been for the last 12, 13 months and that's to the tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. >>> welcome to "mad money." i'm about trying to make you money, entertain you and educate you. call me. -800-743-cnbc. boy, this market ever right from the top, end dors my spice girls di dictum last night. looks like yesterday's sell was another one-day hit jobs with the mark it resuming its advance. 54 points. s&p increase .8%. a glorious rally in tech. as we predicted. with the nasdaq soaring 29 points. 26 points. all right. yes. forget yesterday's bone-crushing past. frankly, it wasn't the thoughtful, if not brilliant spice girls that were on the line today. although posh spice didn't measure up to simon the first night. not that i watch. anyway, no. it was a different artist. this lady gaga. that's right. lady gaga, google, apple, google, apple. that's what came under action today. i am a huge believer in the iphone over any other technology in the world. hence the gaga sensation. google's threat to pull out of china. nor is the possibility that the chinese communists cut google off. if it won't stop with the
to launch its instant coffee outside of america. the market is 21 million bucks. constituting 40% of global coffee sales and starbucks with its market name? total home run, this. value price. again, just like mcdonald's pulled off in 2003. this isn't post-em, it isn't nest-cafe. it's the real deal. starbucks is taking advantage of the health food crowd too, that gets bigger and bigger every year. ceo of panera bread as we heard last week right here on the set. finally the international stock which i find most exciting, starbucks is developing a new regional support model for its business, generating better results in france and germany, that, too, reminiscent of mcdonald's. i think international will go from 20% to a much larger, like mcdonald's. plus on the conference call, shultz said starbucks is focusing on china, which should be a big contributor to the company's growth in the next few years. first glance, earnings seem steep. when you consider 16% long-term growth rate, plus belie my belief it is accelerating, and the fact that the company's pretty much immune from president obama's a
is sqm. aka the chemical in mining company of chile. bank of america, electric and hybrid autos, 200,000 tons of lithium by 2015. the company is more of a fertilizer, mottash. potassium nitrate. it is a little more of a fertilizer company. despite the breather it is take thing week, ag businesses is doing okay. plus, the lithium business will become a much bigger part of the business. people like it. two buys, four holds, two sells. there's room for upgrades. i like sqm here. couple of points over the 52-week high. no one is thinking about this. down day. our record with this stock is -- we play with an open hand, no poker face, not so hot. we recommend the stock on june 16th of 2008. $44.67. shortly before the stock -- huge plunge, because of weakness in fertilizer, organic ag sell-off. we like the battery side. although it is now recovered most of the $41. down 6%. remember, though, we like chile got the long-term theme from the beginning of last week. you need to own something foreign. chile has a terrific economy. we may not have been huge fans of human rights records which rival
. and 1300 are secretly checking email on vacation. that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network. right now get a free 3g/4g device for your laptop. sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access >>> tonight, a special edition of the kudlow report. behind me you're looking at pictures in massachusetts casting their votes for a special senate electric between scott brown and martha coakley. this is a political earthquake in the mixing, a sea change that could stop the imperial overreach of washington leftism that has become the archenemy of free market capitalism and american prosperity already on hopes of a brown victory, stocked rallied 116 appointments today with health care leading the parade. and in this our nation's capital, a new poll from the "washington post" shows a 58% to 38% backlash as voters want small government and fewer services. scott brown's breath takingly clear message of jfk/reagan tax cuts across the board, an end to obama care, and a
Search Results 0 to 41 of about 42 (some duplicates have been removed)